Sanctuary Computer specializes in

Food Technology.

At Sanctuary Computer, we’ve spent the last three years honing our skills at working in the specific realm of Food Technology. Be it integrating with LevelUp, navigating various POS requirements, modelling complicated menu pricing rules across many locations, or configuring order throttling to ensure kitchens aren’t overwhelmed during a lunch rush, we’ve done it all.

Our custom ordering applications are built with Facebook’s React (or React Native), Redux, a slew of modern tools and some secret building blocks we’ve developed in-house to provide snappy, intelligent and highly interactive user interfaces, that respect and guide the customer throughout.

Through our extensive experience, our work has been featured on GQ, Vice, Refinery 29 and many others, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors.

While our performance metrics are confidential, we can say with pride that our software continues to process millions of dollars for fast casual restaurants across the USA in the last year.

We’re based in NYC, and we work with companies all across the USA (and we’d love to work internationally!). If you’re looking for a reliable, friendly and hospitable technology partner, please reach out to our President & Studio Lead, Hugh Francis (email).

iOS & Android Apps for

Dig Inn

Developed on top of Dig Inn's existing menu, the Dig Inn application integrates deeply with LevelUp to provide a sophisticated Loyalty & Pay-In-Store experience. In order to emulate the in-store interaction, a streamlined item builder was developed to ensure users can build Marketbowls with ease.

Try Dig Inn for iOS here, and Android here.

A responsive Web Application for


With over 40 locations across the US, and such a diverse range of ingredients, the Roti team wanted to optimize their Web experience for menu exploration. By focusing the item build UI for content and flavor profile, we were able to help users understand what they may expect from a topping or sauce they haven't tried before. For the less adventurous, we included a recommendation mode based on that same flavor profile concept.

A responsive website for

Tartine Bakery

A baker reads the weather, the flour, the levain, yesterday’s baked bread before starting to mix. A complex balance of yeast, bacteria, time, temperature, moisture, and fermentation acts on the simplest of ingredients; flour water and salt, to create one of humankind’s most elemental foods.

Explore Tartine's world here.

Storytelling & Online eCommerce for

Coffee Manufactory

Continuing our collaboration with Tartine, we also rolled out the online ordering functionality for their sub-brand, Coffee Manufactory. Working closely with our sister studio XXIX, we crafted a beautiful, interactive Shopify site that spoke to the rich sourcing story and incredible quality of the product.

Check out Coffee Manufactory here.

An iOS App for

Care/Of Vitamins

You can eat vitamins, right? When Care/Of decided to offer their users incentive for taking their daily vitamins, the tech team recruited Sanctuary to build out the interactive, animation pieces of their brand new, totally addictive iOS app. The result? A massive surge of new app users, and a vastly more engaged customer base.

Try Care/Of for iOS here.

A subscription Web Application for

Smalls for Smalls

That's right! Our work in food technology is not limited to humans. When Smalls for Smalls launched, they needed a team to quickly and consistently build and iterate on features for their subscription billing platform. Smalls is rapidly serving more and more cats everyday, while paying close attention to the nutritional needs of each one.

Try Smalls for Smalls for Web here.

A custom eCommerce build for

Ample Hills

Designed to feel like "falling into a children's book", the Ample Hills online eCommcerce experience is designed with the intention that the customer "get lost" in the incredible universe of the legendary NYC ice creamery. Rich with illustration, and alive with interaction, the Ample Hills eCommerce experience allows users to build-their-own ice cream orders, explore flavors, and even book and manage availability for in-store parties.

Order some ice cream over here.

Thank You!

Hugh Francis (email) and the Sanctuary Computer Team